Friday, January 18, 2013

Extension Disaster Education Policy Recommendations Forwarded to Decision Makers at National Conference in Washington

At the National Council on Science and the Environment (NCSE) 2013 National Conference titled Disasters And Environment: Science, Preparedness, And Resilience, members of the national Extension Disaster Education Network gathered to discuss and submit recommendations to Congress, the White House, and other federal and state government entities on building community resilience through extension programs. Tidball represented NY EDEN and joined National EDEN Chair Rick Atterberry, National EDEN Homeland Security project leader Steve Cain, National EDEN web manager Pat Skinner, and National EDEN immediate past chair Virginia Morgan White at the symposium, along with many other participants. Recommendations will be released shortly and published by NCSE.

The Disasters and Environment Conference  addressed the increasing occurrence of environmental disasters and the science, technology, and decision-making needed to more effectively prepare, respond, and make our communities more resilient.  The conference engaged more than 1,200 leaders from emergency response, scientific, policy, conservation, and business communities, as well as federal and local government officials, who will work across traditional boundaries to develop strategies and launch new partnerships and initiatives.