Monday, October 17, 2016

WWIA – To Honor. To Connect. To Heal.

Continuing the work with Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation to document the value of outdoor recreation as therapeutic for  wounded combat veterans. Tidball at 3:57.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wild Harvest Table Project Receives a Pair of Awards from the National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences

Keith Tidball, Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Natural Resources (left), and Moira Tidball, Nutrition Resource Educator in CCE Seneca (far right) along with Paul Curtis (not pictured), Extension Wildlife Specialist, also from the Department of Natural Resources, received the National and Eastern Region Program Excellence Through Research Award.
The team was recognized for the College of Agriculture and Sciences and Cornell Cooperative Extension research and extension project, The Wild Harvest Table: Leveraging the Locavore Movement to Increase Hunter and Angler Recruitment and Retention.

Monday, February 1, 2016

CCE Summer Internship: A New Orion – Locavore, Hipster, Hunger Games Survivor? Who are the next generation of hunters?

As a part of ongoing research on changing demographics among hunters and anglers in the US, I recently worked with an intern via the Cornell Cooperative Extension Summer Internship Program to conduct a popular media literature search using the internet. Not surprisingly, we found quite a large conversation on the World Wide Web regarding the topic of the next generation of hunters and anglers and their relationships with local food movements. Thanks to summer intern Lauren Poindexter and the efforts of CCE Educator Moira Tidball of the Wild Harvest Table, a better understanding was gained regarding the way the world is talking about the next generation of hunters and anglers and the various social movements of our time.

Lauren Poindexter, CCE Summer Intern explaining our research to Cornell U. President Garrett

Our internet Google search produced some interesting results.

 Note that the inclusion of search terms “fishing” or “angling” dramatically increased search result hits. Also note that the proportionally larger search result for “women hunting for food,” likely a result of imprecise and/or multiple search terms, does not appear in the pie chart.

We found that there are overlapping yet distinct categories of what we might think of as the next generation of hunters (and anglers); (1) new levels of female participation; (2) the growing trend of hunting among so-called “hipsters” and “millennials” (undefined herein, intentionally); and (3) the expanding locavore, food/environment issues driven hunting trend.  Academics, myself among them, are busy attempting to understand this complex mosaic representing the New Orion- the Next Generation of Hunters. Stay tuned for the results of that work.  

Meanwhile, we've compiled a reading list of 15 articles found in the popular press dealing with these issues within the last ten years  There are 5 from each of the categories mentioned above, organized and color-coded for easy reference.  They are hyper-linked under the heading “Source”.  

Wisconsin aims to put more female fingers on the triggers
More Women Give Hunting a Shot
The Professional Women Who Hunt, Shoot and Gut Their Dinners
ICYMI: All The Cool Girls Go Hunting For Food
All the Cool Girls Hunt Their Own Food
The Rise of the Hipster Hunters
Hipsters Who Hunt: More Liberals are Shooting Their Own Supper
On Hipsters and Hunting
Hipster’s are Going Hunting
A Profile of a Hipster Hunter, the Next Generation of Conservationists
The Changing Culture of Killing for Food
Locavore movement takes to deer hunting across US
The Meat-Eater Revolution
Locavore, Get Your Gun
The Hunt to Table Movement

There are many articles to explore this further, as our search results described above confirm.  These, however, seem to most completely capture the complexities of the issues, and preserve the nuance of each category, while providing a reasonably comprehensive lay understanding. For a more academic treatment of this subject, see here

In an effort to further understand, from a textual analytic standpoint, what the popular press is saying about the next generation of hunters and the links between local food movements, I entered all 15 of the above articles into a textual content analytical tool and generated the below word cloud.

The words that seem most prominent are Hunter, Food, Meat, Hunt, About, People, Deer, Women, More, and New. Though mostly what one would expect, the word About is unusual, perhaps alluding to the difficult-to-meet need of the New Hunter seeking More Food in the form of Meat to learn About hunting and how to process and prepare Meat. Stay tuned for a forthcoming paper addressing this and other salient topics.